Alternative Milk Zine

Print zine, data collection​ & map creation

A personal passion project, Alternative Milk Zine was born out of an obsession with culinary exploration, a want to share information and make it more accessible to others. Having always been interested in the informational nature of zines and DIY culture, this print piece became the perfect intersection. Research regarding the most popular 'alternative' milks was compiled and each milk had a character created to represent their benefits and drawbacks.

Aside from being informational, the zine opened up to be an interactive map detailing where these milks could be found in local Atlanta coffee shops. Using the help of Reddit, a map was created detailing coffee shops and their hours, locations, and forms of contact. The map best works with the help of crowdsourcing, and the zine encourages coffee shop enthusiasts to help build a community database of alternative milks and where to find them.

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 10.19.31