City of Clarkston

Mock rebrand & directional signage

Clarkston, Georgia, is known as the most diverse square mile in the United States. A refugee haven, Clarkston is highly diverse and quickly evolving. As the city's needs evolved, so should it's brand. What most don't know is that it isn't actually a square mile, but a circular diameter. This was part of the starting concept for Clarkston's new identity.

With the mindset of keeping true to its history and heritage, we developed an identity that honored its roots but looked forward. A new logo and logomark were developed and expanded to fill the other collateral needs of the city. This included seasonal signage, service vehicles, city pride apparel, stationary, and directional signage. 

Development Team

Christy Lee

Natalia Montoya

Alexis Winfrey

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AISLIGuideBAnners_slides_-31 copy 3.png