Atlanta, GA

When Dr. Martens originally came out in the early 1950s, they were shoes meant for hard work and comfort. The air cushioned soles were popular with army men, post workers, and housewives.

Considering that Dr. Martens are now synonymous with punk culture, I chose to subvert the quintessential 1950s mom stereotype with items that are in line with Dr. Martens backbone of DIY and rock and roll. 

I created a social media AD that features the shoes, collaged imagery and the catchphrase “mom’s favorite.” Then designed and hand sewed a patch inspired by traditional Americana “mom” tattoos. Illustrated and made charms from shrinky dinks, to play off the arts & crafts nostalgia and the implied sophistication of charm bracelets.  Made a calendar for the year 1952, when Docs first blew up and upscaled manufacturing. Created different collages from cutouts, textures, type and color paired with custom type for each month.

Dr. Martens

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