Social media, event planning & team leadership ​

GRD@GSU is the graphic design club at Georgia State University (GSU). Although primarily attended by students in the design program, the club is open to all students interested in design, whether in the program, applying to the program, or not in the program. For 2018-2019, I lead a team of rotating volunteers to plan print sales, monthly meetings, workshop sessions, and a field trip to Hatch Show Print in Tennessee. My primary role as president was to defend our budget, keep track of expenses, facilitate sales to grow our funds, and delegate jobs as need be.

For the 2018-2019 year, GRD@GSU was the art club with the most participants at GSU. We had workshops that featured skill-building, as well as artistic expression and exploration. We hosted multiple print sales, which required collecting designs, printing them out, reserving facilities, and getting people to staff the sale on different days and hours. Besides introducing a student takeover Instagram series, we also hosted an alumni mixer which used to be a tradition but hadn't been done in 3 years. The scholastic year culminated in a three-day, two-night field trip to Tennessee to learn from Hatch Show Print. Budget, transportation, lodging, and itineraries were all planned and executed by me.